About this Campaign

This campaign is a Rogue Trader campaign set during The Dark Halo Crusades. The players have joined the Fortunis-Loken Dynasty as it rises from the ashes of a lost Dynasty under a newly granted Crusader Warrant of Trade. The players activities revolve around the Bellum Praeda; a venerable and ancient ship.

The overall theme of the campaign is resurrecting a fallen Dynasty within the constraints of a Crusader Warrant of Trade. The more worlds the Dynasty brings into the Imperium the greater the reward when the Warrant is made permanent and the Dynasty becomes a legacy. The Administratium has provided a small token of forces along with the Crusade Warrant of Trade and it is up to the actions of the players to build their own crusade force if they wish to use military force to meet the conditions of the Warrant of Trade.

of War & Profit

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