The Dark Halo Crusades


The Dark Halo Crusades

In the late 41st century, the Dark Halo Crusades were launched to secure security for Calaxis by bringing Kornos under Imperium rule. With Chaose incursions rising from the Eye of Terror, the Tyranid Invasion, the increasing depredations of the Ork horde led by Ghazghkull Thraka, escalating conflict with the Tau, and rumors of worse the Imperium of Man was beset by enemies on all sides. The military resources of the Calaxis sector were spread thin due to call-ups to support the wars against various enemies arrayed against the Imperium; what they had remaining in the sector were not enough to launch a Crusade into the Koronus Expanse.

The Inquisition coupled with Rogue Trader reports brought the stirrings of dire threats to the Calaxis sector from Koronos, the gateway to the Halo stars. It appeared that within the Koronos stars a multitude of the Imperium’s enemies had been lying dormant and growing in strength; waiting for an opportunity to overrun the borders of the Calaxis sector. Spurned by the Inquisition who was dealing with the initial forays of these threats, the Calaxis government sought out solutions.

An ancient solution was unearthed from the founding centuries of the Calaxis sector. While the Crusade that founded the Calaxis sector was highly effective, there were pockets left unexplored and claimed by mankind. The Calaxis government awarded specialty Crusader Warrants of Trade to Rogue Traders willing to lead mini-crusades to bring lost worlds into the fold of the Imperium, eradicate Xenos threats within these pockets, and to found new colonies where none existed. These Warrants brought great wealth and power to those Rogue Traders who were successful but those who succeeded numbered 1 in 10. Still, ambition knows no bounds let alone limitations!

With limited military options, a growing need for new resources to support multiple war fronts, and threats growing within the Halo Stars the Calaxis sector governor has renewed the Crusader Warrants of Trade. Mini-Crusades of cobbled together military resources and converted fleets of civilian, merchant, and retired military vessels are placed under a Crusader Warrant of Trade. The Rogue Trader is responsible for leading and overseeing the Crusade.

Each of these Warrants requires a minimum of number of systems brought into the fold of the Imperium by the Crusade led by the Rogue Trader. Each Warrant also includes incentives for the Rogue Trader to continue leading the Crusade beyond the minimal requirements. These incentives typically include a stake in the profits of each world’s industries for decades or even centuries; additional resources such as ships, fleet-based Guard units, and periodic replenishment of fleet supplies; titles of nobility with ownership rights over entire continents, worlds, and systems; and the ultimate price… a Greater Warrant of Trade that would ensure complete dominance over entire subsectors when the Koronus Expanse is established as a Sector under the Imperium. The more systems brought under the Imperium banner, the more rewards reaped by the Rogue Trader.

And thus began the period in the Calaxis sector known as the Dark Halo Crusades. A name birthed from the darkness that nearly overwhelmed the meager Crusaders and eventually the Calaxis sector. Though in the end, success was realized by a handful of formidable Rogue Traders. And while these Rogue Traders went on to found new dynasties, the toll on Rogue Traders was much higher than anticipated as the Crusades were under manned, under resourced, and unprepared for the challenges beyond Port Wander.

Note: The Dark Halo Crusades is not cannon Warhammer 40K material. It is created as part of the setting backdrop for the campaign.

The Dark Halo Crusades

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