Purchasing Elite Advances

An Elite Advance is the purchase of a skill or talent not listed on a career’s advance list. This can occur under two circumstances:

  1. An Advance was made available through play as a reward from the GM. In this case the cost of the Advance will be set by the GM.
  2. The character took an alternative career path where a prerequisite is not available or in the course of taking an alternative rank, the character missed an opportunity to purchase an advance from a prior, standard career rank. The cost for these advances are as follows:
  • If the Advance is one from a rank missed due to taking an alternative rank, the advance may be purchased at the cost set by the missed rank + 50. These advances may be purchased at any time regardless if they are a prerequisite for a current career advance or just an advance the player wishes to pick up for the character.

For example, If a character was a Penal Legionnaire at rank 2 vs Guardsman and at Rank 4 wants to purchase Pilot (Ground Vehicle) he may purchase it from the Guardsman rank at the listed cost of 100 + 50 for a total of 150.

  • If the Advance is a prerequisite for an existing _alternative_rank that is not available within the character’s career ranks taken to-date (both the standard path and alternative paths taken), the character may purchase the prerequisite at the cost of the advance the prerequisite is listed at +50.

For example, a character may take the alternative rank Veteran Sergeant at rank 5 vs Veteran. Command +10 is an advance in the Veteran Sergeant rank with a prerequisite of Command. No where in the character’s path, both taken & missed ranks in the standard path or in alternative ranks, does he have the option to purchase Command. He can purchase Command at a cost equal to the cost of Command +10 (100 points) plus an extra 50 points. So the cost to purchase Command, the prerequisite to Command +10, is 150 xp.

Note, that a character, regardless, can purchase any advance from any taken ranks. The cost of +50 xp to advances is only for those Advances not within the career ranks taken.

Purchasing Elite Advances

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