The following is a brief outline of game logistics.

Mode of Play
This is an online campaign. We have players from PA, VA, TX!, and CA. We use iTableTop to play. This Virtual RPG Tabletop utility includes voice and video along with built in game board management, file sharing, and die roller. For our purposes, we will only be using voice, so a headset is needed to play.

I have a full set of floating licenses, so no need for players to purchase anything from iTT.

Time of Play
While a firm play day and time has not been set, we are leaning towards 9 to 12 or 1 on Fridays.

Start Date
This campaign has not been initiated; I would like to use the new version of iTT that is a vast improvement over the current version. Given it will be browser based, there will be no need for downloads and client installs… just point and click!

Calendar and Coordinating Play
We will be using the group functions in iTT to coordinate play with OP as the “living” campaign repository. iTT will have the ability to auto join a game via its group and calendar management features. So it will be necessary for players to not only post a character here on OP but also join the iTT game group: of War & Profit. You can join this group from the home page.


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