Crusade Chronology

This is an accounting of the Dark Halo crusade led by Victris Fortunis-Loken. It summarizes the key events that shaped the outcome of this crusade.

All of the Crusades received their charter investiture at Port Wander from Sector Lord Hax, a Senior Adept of the Terra Adeptes, and a representative of the Lords of Sol.

After receiving their Charter the Crusaders headed to Footfall where they were to acquire their final pick-up of supplies, troops, and whatever allies or mercenaries they could acquire.

The Loken Halo Crusade Key Events
Date Location Event
035.816.41 Port Wander Ceremony of Investiture conducted for the three Rogue Traders awarded charters to lead a crusader fleet into the Koronus Expanse.

Crusade Chronology

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