Veteran Sergeant in a Penal Legion for Murder of a Superior Officer


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Case Number: DF3410497
Subject: Severus of Krieg, Hive Altinius, Vat ZWW-8320-G3X
Origin Unit: 713th Krieg Infantry Regiment, Black Company, Kill Team 4

Offense Date: 219.806.41
Sentence Date: 747.806.41
Charge: Murder of superior officer, dereliction of duty, and incitement of mutiny.

Detailed Offenses:
(1) Murder, with Cold-Blooded Intent, of Commanding Officer [GUILTY]
(2) Dereliction of Duty against battlefield objectives [GUILTY]
(3) Incitement of fellow Guardsman to abandon duties counter to commanding officer [GUILTY]
(4) Non-compliance with orders of commanding officer [GUILTY]
(5) Willful abandonment of mission objectives [GUILTY]
(6) Targeting non-military objective outside of mission parameters [GUILTY]
(7) Intentional elimination of potential intelligence sources [GUILTY]

Sentencing Notation: Severus is a decorated veteran of 7 battlefronts with meritorious service. He comes with the highest commendation of his previous commanding officer, now Commanding Officer of the 713th Black Company. Given his drive for duty, service to the Emperor in numerous battle fronts, and superior skills it is the recommendation of the Commissariat that he be placed within a Penal Legion where he can serve till the Emperor absolves him of his crimes unto death.

Sentence: Service in Penal Unit till death. No Reprieve. May the Emperor absolve him of his crimes.
Penal Assignment: Kommitzer Penal World, Kommitzer 817th Penal Legion, “Death Komitz”

Planet Krieg
“The planet was originally a loyal planet, but the Autarch of the planet declared independence from the Imperium and renounced the Emperor in 433.M39. This appalled the commander of the Krieg 83rd, Colonel Jurten, who decided to destroy the rebels through atomic bombing. Apparently the rebels refused to die and the catastrophic bombing only ended 500 years later. Krieg was reduced to such a hellish, barren and toxic planet it is now classified as a death world. The environmental conditions forces the population to wear air filtration systems to avoid being killed by the toxic atmosphere.

Although the rebels have long since been annihilated, the soldiers of Krieg have broadened their campaign to warfare against all enemies of the Emperor.” ~


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