Lord Inquisitor Victis Krom

Scretive Inquisitor of no known faction.


Victis is a stereotypical Inquisitor: taciturn, covert, manipulative, cunning, sly, callous, cynical, and merciless. He is a devout puritan. It is rumored that at some point in the far past that Krom was a radical and went through hell and back before becoming a puritan but Krom does not like such talk. Those who tend to spread those rumors tend to disappear at worse or at best have a sudden and irrevocable change in attitude.

As a Purican he will do what is necessary to protect the Imperium, even if that means the death of millions of innocent lives if it means the eradication of a threat to the Imperium. He does not hide his beliefs in the monodominance puritan faction. In fact, quite to the contrary, he is quite outspoken about the eradication of all forms of threats to the Imperium.


Lord Inquisitor Victis Krom

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