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Traders Journal [Entry 1-035.816.41]

Thought of the Day: "Faith in the Emperor is its own reward!"

Castius, the Crusade’s Arch-Deacon and Chaplain of the Bellum Praeda stood at the foot of the 25 meter statue of the Emperor on the Command Deck of the Bellum Praeda. In a voice layered with cultures of reverance he intoned:

“O Eternal Emperor,
Who Alone watches us,
And rules the tides and stroms,
Be compassionate to your servants,
Preserv us from the perils of the warp,
That we may be safeguard to the domain of men!”

Just as he finished the end of his prayer a bridge security alarm went off. Zarakai, the Master Navis or head of security for the Bellum Praeda, rushed from the Command Bridge office to the console. Curious Castius made his way to the security station. At that moment the senior sergeant of the 819th Death Komitz, Sever, on behalf of Captain Adeon was delivering a status report on the loading of the Penal Legion.

A mutiny had erupted in Engine Compartment 12a. Over a 1,000 oilers and wipers (the lowest level of worker) had risen up against their enforced labor. Zarakai called up the Master of the Fleet, Luthor, who was at the moment running tests on the Navigators well. Initially he ignored the Master Navis given his focus on his Navigator duties. On insistance and announcement of the mutiny, Luthor grudgingly made his way to the bridge accompanied by his bodyguard Aquila.

With everyone gathered on the command bridge, the Master Navis issued a lockdown and security details to each of the ship’s masters in their respective areas. With everything locked down, the real trap was sprung. Zarakai attempted to neutralize the Navigator with a digi-needler before the Navigator could open his warp eye. The first attempt failed as the obese Navigator adroitly (and surprisingly) dodged the shot. The bridge exploded into action as the security detail turned in support of the Master Navis. Bridge crew were knocked down or eliminated if they resisted.

Meanwhile an unsanctioned Psyker made his presence known as he called forth his powers. As he floated from the bridge command office, everyone on the bridge was momentarily overwhelmed with the damned voices of a multitude of daemons whispering untold secrets and things man was not meant to hear. Sever, quick to react, stepped towards the witch and pulled forth a bolter pistol.

In surprise the witch fell to the deck as Sever unleashed a flurry of shells that blew apart the witch. Another comrade of Zarakai made his entrance. A hulking security officer wielding a Melter gun. Triggering a device the bridge was engulfed in an explosion of planted stun devices. Next, the Gun Servitors given by the Mechanicus to provide guard duties activated and turned on the command crew resisting Zarakai. With their twin-linked auto-guns revving up, surrounded by traitor security guards, and their own deck crew suppressed the officers on the deck had no choice but to stand down.

Zarakai stripped down and hereded the Arch-Deacon, Master of the Fleet, Aquila, and Sever into the command bridge office. Locked up they were little threat to his highjacking of the Bellum Praeda.

The four hacked through the terminals in the command office and accessed cameras on the bridge to identify the activities of Zarakai’s forces. They then sent an alert to a contact of the Arch-Deacon in Port Wander where the Bellum Praeda was docked. They then searched the compartment for a way out.

While they didnt find a way out, they did discover a secret Bridge Armory accessed through a Mechanicus style panel and device. Within the Armory they found an assortment of armor, equipment, and weapons. Included in their finds was a light power suite. Though they discovered that the power suit’s power back was depleted and within was the mummified remains of who they believed was the previous Rogue Trader… a man who hid within the power suit and seemingly died of fright.


Gentlemen, whatever the purposes of Zarakai and his minions, he stands in the way of the Emperor’s will. This can not be tolerated. It is said that “the Emperor Provides” he certainly did by leading us to this cache of armor and arms.

I propose we use the charges to blow out the door at the “North End” by the door, firing a flash grenade into the captains’ quarters across the hall. The second team then blows a hole across from the tech priest. Aquila can concentrate his fire with the anti-mech rounds on the gun servators. Sever can concentrate on the Security guard with the melta.

Any thoughts on this plan of action? These are just my thoughts.

“It is better to die for the Emperor than live for yourself.”


Die for the Emperor?? Haha, funny.

BTS1967 BTS1967

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