of War & Profit

Traders Journal [Entry 4-040.816.41]
Thought of the Day: "Knowledge is Half of the Battle"

After sending over the Penal Legion to rid the Sable Mistress of any resistance, Victris took Aquila, Luthor, and two chosen security guards selected by Aquila in a skiff to claim the Emperor’s Bounty. Pooling their skills and knowledge, travel through the debris field was a minor challenge.

Luthor docked the skiff in the voided launch bay of the Emperor’s Bounty. Aquila deployed his security guards as an escort for Victris to the Bridge. Leaving none behind, they all left for the bridge. The ship was desolate with vast sections opened to the vacuum. It was unknown what caused the ship to open up like such but it seems to have been sudden and a global event across the entire ship as it appeared none had survived and all died without being able to reach a void suit. Oddly, all the emergency bulkheads were open; typically in a void rupture they slam shut to protect the crew.

The group reached the command section of the ship to find it sealed with an atmosphere. They soon arrived at the bridge to find it sealed. Finding a manual lever they opened the door to find the inside scarred from las bolts and bolter shells. Bodies lay strewn about the bridge as it appeared the hundred or so individuals who manned the bridge were dead. Stepping over bodies, Victris approached the captain’s throne.

Traders Journal [Entry 3-039.816.41]
Thought of the Day: "Mercy is a sign of Weakness!"

“Everyone stood at attention as the All-Hands whistle is sounded by the Officer-on-Duty. Nervous silence descended upon the bridge of the Bellum Praeda; the only sound being the drone of Servitors continuing about their programmed duties. All awaited their new Captain. The only details known about the captain was that he was a lost descendent of the Loken Dynasty and an imperial hero. “From beyond the Bridge hatch, the clanking of the lift came to a stop and its safety gate could be heard clattering open. The cadence of an escort leaving the lift was followed by a metallic thud followed by another. The nervousness of the bridge crew rose as it dawned on everyone that the metallic thuds were the footsteps of someone or something walking to the bridge. Something like a heavily augmented Mechanicus or a battle servitor.

“The rhythmic footsteps grew closer. As it approached an underlying blend of an electronic respirator wheezing, the sound of grinding gears, and a periodic burst of steam being released was coupled with the rhythmic thuds. The thudding stopped outside the hatchway as the cadence of an escort continued forward. A file of Imperial Navy Armsmen marched into the grand chamber of the bridge to take detail on either side of the hatch.

“Absolute silence fell across the grand chamber as all waited with baited breath. The only sound heard was the electronic wheezing of the respirator of the being beyond the hatch. An electronic buzzing buzzing could be heard as it chuckled at something it found humerous. Then the rhythmic metallic steps resumed as a monstrous form of what is at first impression a Mechanicus steps through the hatch.

Traders Journal [Entry 1-035.816.41]
Thought of the Day: "Faith in the Emperor is its own reward!"

Castius, the Crusade’s Arch-Deacon and Chaplain of the Bellum Praeda stood at the foot of the 25 meter statue of the Emperor on the Command Deck of the Bellum Praeda. In a voice layered with cultures of reverance he intoned:

“O Eternal Emperor,
Who Alone watches us,
And rules the tides and stroms,
Be compassionate to your servants,
Preserv us from the perils of the warp,
That we may be safeguard to the domain of men!”

Just as he finished the end of his prayer a bridge security alarm went off. Zarakai, the Master Navis or head of security for the Bellum Praeda, rushed from the Command Bridge office to the console. Curious Castius made his way to the security station. At that moment the senior sergeant of the 819th Death Komitz, Sever, on behalf of Captain Adeon was delivering a status report on the loading of the Penal Legion.


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